Pruning, a great connection to growth . . .

Pruning is a very gut-level experience for me, requiring a constant questioning, both of my perception, and the tree. First off, I have to ask “how are you doing?” Did you grow well last year? How did what I did last year work out? How should I change what I do? Here is one tree […]

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Springtime! Go and plant!!

One of my all time favorite experiences was doing a seed order for the 3 acre market garden I managed in the 1970’s. I’d pour over the catalogues–last years with the order notes, and the new one. This would cause a trip into, a flight over, the world that was last year’s garden, deciding how […]

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Conscientious use of water . . .

Becoming aware of how to live responsibly takes some thinking, otherwise I find myself doing irresponsible things. A case in point, a job I had recently where I was asked to fix a drainage problem. This new home was flooded with spring run-off; my initial response was to dig a swale to make the offending […]

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My take on permacultue . . .

I gave an interview on permaculture recently:

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Garden in the North . . .

Patience! That is a must here in the north, 52nd lat. to be exact. Here is my vegetable garden on July 5th: “Zooming” in on my beans and peas, you can see most of my vegetables are only a few inches high. Fortunately the days are long and weather is finally warm. Soon I will […]

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Staying relevant to the land . . .

The practice of routine questioning of your mindset and consequent relationship with the land—that part of the “space” of a place that is alive—is essential for successful gardening. For that land, with its’ inseparable wildlife, is changing all the time. The mycobacterial life, bugs, birds, animals, all respond day-to-day, week-to-week and year-to-year, to seasonal change. […]

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orchard trees are wonderful food sources

In the north it’s time to prune . . .

As the snow begins to melt it is time to think about pruning those trees and shrubs that benefit from doing so. Pruning sends a message to the plant it’s time to grow harder, made more blossoms →seed→fruit. So look to do roses, fruit trees, berry bushes, etc. Pruning ornamentals is for shape; keep them off […]

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Inch by Inch, row by row . . .

It is about time for us in the north to start planting some seeds . . . late season tomatoes, snapdragons, sweet smelling nicotiana to name a few. It is always a gamble, never being sure when the growing season will begin, but it’s always wise to be ready. And Pete, Rest in Peace precious […]

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Summer reflection . . .

I feel very lucky to work with some great clients and co-workers. Together we have created some landscapes that represent qualities that I think meet goals beyond expectations. This pond-stream creation was one such “creation” that we are all very happy with. The deck was built by fellow landscaper Ben Leier; the stream and pond […]

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The real, real world grows on . . .

As the stalemate between so called ‘governing parties’ continues in the U.S. people are no longer available to work in the White House Garden. Weeds, over mature plants, and squirrels are now the show-garden’s reality as nature suggests once again she is has consensus . . . without humans. The garden, meant to be a […]

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